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Functioning as an in-house tax executive, Caius Tax Management Solutions is embedded in your team to closely manage your tax affairs. We’ll share responsibility working side-by-side with your finance or tax team, building trust and consistent results every step of the way.


A combination of in-sourcing and outsourcing offers the best of both worlds

For many larger organisations, the sheer complexity of tax structure makes it difficult to manage internally. By working within your team, Caius provides more than just borrowed staff—we become a consistent, on-call presence to bolster your team’s expertise.


Whenever needed, tap into Caius’ tax mastery to perform recurring tax functions:


  • Annual and interim period provision support (preparation or review)

  • Financial reporting and disclosure requirements

  • Valuation allowance and deferred tax assessments

  • Accounting for uncertain tax position assessments (ASC 740-10 and IFRIC 23)

  • Internal controls and supporting documentation



  • Multiple country income-tax filings

  • Withholding compliance

  • Estimated tax calculations and cash management analysis

  • Management of tax audits

  • Provision-to-return analysis

Familiarity breeds innovation

Serving as an in-house tax executive helps Caius gain insights into your tax department operations. This insight, combined with our expertise in project, process and technology automation, allows us to provide full-service tax department optimisation support including:


  • Corporate tax software implementation and enhancements

  • Data management and business intelligence

  • Tax collaboration technologies

  • Process assessment and automation

  • Process redesign and best practices

Caius provides co-sourced tax management expertise to a wide variety of businesses, including:

  • Tax departments who experience workload spikes in the run-up to filing deadlines, but who do not need a fully staffed internal tax department year-round

  • Large multinational companies with a complex tax footprint who want to maintain ownership of all tax department functions

  • Tax departments that require outside expertise in a specific area of tax management

  • Any company looking to reduce costs


Get to know our tailored approach to co-sourcing of tax filings and statutory accounts preparation.

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