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Pieter van der Straaten

Pieter has honed his world-class tax expertise over more 20 years as an in-house tax specialist for multinational companies in the Netherlands, Russia, France and the United States.


With pragmatism and transparency, Pieter helps tax departments avoid surprises and fulfil compliance obligations without creating an excessive paper burden or paying unnecessary taxes. His calm expertise helps smooth the transition during times of change, and his efficient leadership style guides teams who need the expertise, but are unable to add to their headcount.


Pieter’s publications and activities include:

  • Russia, New Treaty with the Netherlands: An Improved Investment Climate? European Taxation, 1997, No.6.

  • Voldoening van kosten in eigen aandelen, met Mr Th.F. Coenen, WFR 01-01-1998

  • President of the Tax Executive Institute (TEI) Europe, 2008

  • Organizer of the annual two-day industry tax specialists conference in NL (NOB) 2014-2018

  • LinkedIn
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